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Growls, melodies and unearth atmosphere at the Mod Club - DEVOUR ME Northamerican Tour

North American Tour 2016
- Ne Obliviscaris, Black Crown Initiate & Starkill -
July 27th. @ Toronto, ON

A few minutes before the event started people were still arriving at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club. It was a very hot night, accompanied by sudden rains, and the band from Chicago was getting ready on the stage.

Commonly, when a young band opens for a larger act it is hard to pump up the crowd that is just getting into a venue, but Starkill really nailed it. With a very energetic presentation from the very beginning, they turned up the temperature in the Mod Club. With songs as Be Dead or Die, Virus of the Mind and Before Hope Fades, the bass and guitars went in circles during a 30-min flawless performance.



After a while of sound checking, Black Crown Initiate set up the mood for the moshpits with A Great Mistake. The dynamic structure of their sound, which uniquely blends progressive harmonies and clean vocals with deadly aggressive breaks and growls, embraced the audience under a doomed atmosphere. (Check Purge and their recent release Selves We Cannot Forgive) Groundbreaking hits were delivered both by the quintet of Pennsylvania and the crowd under them. They had only a 5 song setlist that night but their hell-like technical skills released a beast in the crowd till the ending notes of Stench of the Iron Age.



Fists were already awaiting in the air by the moment Ne Obliviscaris made their presence. Heavy technical strings and blasting drums made everyone headbang to the rhythm of Devour Me, Colossus. Xen’s unearth voice, followed by Tim’s clean vocals dragged the Mod Club into another dimension. They continued with Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise, Painters of The Tempest and offered a delightful twist with Forget Not.

Later, Tim took the mic to tell everyone how fuckin’ much they appreciated their support. Once he said his last words the drums rumbled the ground with Pyrrhic. After coming back to the stage, Tim’s violin talked to everyone’s soul, hypnotizing them the once again with And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope.


If anyone thought they knew what to anticipate for that night, such expectations were –doubtless- surpassed by far. During the last seconds of their presentation Tim body surfed over the crowd and back onto the stage, he expressed his gratitude one more time to the metalheads who still wanted one more song. 



Ne Obliviscaris had been in the area before, opening for Cradle of Filth and Butcher Babies. After the great reviews and high demands for more of their uniqueness, they decided to put out a crowd Funding campaign to tour in other parts of the world. The fans responded immediately.

The band promised to be back soon so I can’t wait to see what they will bring when that happens. What a night for death and progressive metal, Toronto!
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