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From headbangers to metalhead rioters: Municipal Waste w/ Rippr'd, Punch Drunk, Profaner & Chainbreaker

Photos: © Nessa EJ

The past year was "eventful" to say the least, and there could not have been a more appropriate way to end 2016 than with a rabid, thrashing mosh pit.

Rippr'd got the fire going with a brief but energetic set to a small, but responsive early crowd.



Oshawa hardcore legends, Punch Drunk, followed up the action with a loud and blistering set complete with booze references and a few flying beer cans, a taste of what was to come.

Hamilton's Profaner, former Wacken Metal Battle Canada semi-finalists, were the next ones up to keep the energy going, as more and more thrash-hungry fans poured through the door.

Toronto's own Chainbreaker, with their brand of NWOBHM- tinged speed metal, were the final band to prime the stage for Municipal Waste. Fans watched with fair interest as the more impatient ones prepared themselves with trips to the bar anxiously awaiting the mayhem that was to come.


The cataclysm arrived as soon as the croosover thrashers from Richmond made their appearance. Unleashing the bastards was the most appropriate theme to release the madness. With the number of stagedivers and moshers escalating quickly, hits, kicks and body checks began to fly around the pit. 


Sore necks, bruises, and beer stained black t-shirts were par for the course as the evening sped on. Municipal Waste fed off the energy as their sonically visceral yet metronome tight playing ensured the night would be one to remember. 

They finalized the massacre with two tracks from their third album: Sadistic Magician and Born To Party. Evidently, on the last Thursday of 2016, Municipal Waste did fucked us up!

Municipal Waste
Setlist f/Dec. 29

Black Ice / Kill Prez / Trump
Bangover / Slime
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