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Shattering Decibels: 2017 Decibel Magazine Tour Storms Across North America

Photos by: Nessa EJ
Review by: Tony Rachtman

A packed house boomed with excitement as the 2017 Decibel Magazine tour stormed through Toronto.

Even as Horrendous began their brief 30 minute set, the fans were pouring in to witness their thrashing battle hymns.

Next up was the the cloaked 3 piece, Midnight. Coming out on stage and smashing a guitar before even playing any music set the tone for what was to come. Sounds of early Venom and the late Lemmy's Motorhead were quite obvious, as the crowd rocked to their proto-thrash sound. Metal at its most raw and stripped down form, which was just what the fans wanted as their anticipation for Obituary was building.

Florida death metal legends Obituary were next up, and anyone who has seen Obituary live knows that they need no introduction. Their slow and muddy guitars paired with the thundering claps of Don Tardy's drums are atypical of a genre obsessed with speed and blast beats, but Obituary makes it all work perfectly. From newer bangers like Ten Thousand Ways to Die, to old fan favorites like Don't Care and the iconic Slowly We Rot, the moshpit went insane for Obituary.

After a quick recharge when Obituary finished the set, the hungry crowd quickly returned to see Teutonic thrash legends Kreator hit the stage for the headlining slot.

The band's 32 year career was explored throughout the night, with fan favorites like People of the Lie, and the of course the class Flag of Hate, with Mille Petrozza rallying the crowd with his own flag.....of hate. Kreator blasted through a very long and expansive set, just what the fans ordered. With endless energy being fired at the crowd like a machine gun, Toronto's metal fans left satisfied, if not completely exhausted,  from an overload of the fastest and heaviest metal on tour this year. The Decibel Magazine has been a roaring success, with sold out shows and killer lineups always being a mainstay. It was a killer night for metal music in Toronto!

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