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The best weekend of the year is FINALLY here and we'll have great weather as always!

There's still a few weekend passes left online here and at several local outlets.
A limited amount will be available at the festival box office, which will be located at the Montebello church grounds near the main entrance (545, Notre-Dame Street). It opens Thursday at 2pm.

For those with a limited budget, tickets for our opening St-Jean night on Thursday June 22 are still available online here and at several local outlets. They will also be available at the festival box office.
Also, don't forget to get your campsite and parking pass! 

Beware of the scalpers online and in Montebello! We strongly advise against purchasing wristbands elsewhere than on our website, at Empire stores and local shops. Wristbands sold by scalpers might be counterfeit, damaged or declared stolen/lost. Wristbands declared stolen or lost are deactivated in our system, so you won't be able to get in. We turn away hundreds of people every year. At your own risk!

All the fun you have at the fest every year and all the great bands you've seen over the years at Rockfest is thanks to one band: Deadly Apples, the first band that opened the first Rockfest back in 2005. Alex Martel founded Rockfest to give an opportunity for his band to perform at a festival. After playing at the first 5 editions, the band went on hiatus as Alex focused on the massive growth of Rockfest.

7 years after their last show, Deadly Apples will reunite at Rockfest for one reunion show, Friday at 11pm on the Headrush Stage, right before Rammstein. After several years behind the stage, Alex Martel will finally be back on the stage. The band will have a massive production and light show that is not to be missed!

If you're a fan of Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Deftones, Ministry, Massive Attack or simply a Rockfest fan, you must be at this show!

Check out the music video for the song Further, feat. Munky from Korn on guitars.

Listen to more songs here.

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