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ENTOMBED A.D. - An Exclusive Interview With Victor Brandt

Interview: Tony Rachtman/Nessa Elguera

Hey Victor Thanks for being here and doing the interview

V: Hey tony, whats up?

Tell me, what do you think of the festival so far? Big for a Canadian festival?

V: Definitely! We actually arrived directly from Europe and came straight to the live stage from the airport.

I heard you guys played Norway, Germany, and now here over the past 3 days. Is that pretty much how it went?

V: Yes, and then we’re heading back tomorrow.

T: Where are you headed back tomorrow?

V: Back home.

T: Back to Sweden?

V: Yep! So far the festival has been cool, we haven’t had the chance to see that much, but my first impression has been very good.

T: That’s great!! So Entombed AD has been touring in support of Dead Dawn now for about a year and a half. Can we expect anything new from Entombed A.D in the future? What are your plans as a band?

V: Yes!! We plan to record the next full-length album this year.

T: So maybe we can expect a new record then in 2018? 2019?

V: Yep, that’s the plan anyways.

T: Cool!! You guys are still with Century Media Records, correct?

V: Oh yeah, it works out really great with them, nice people over there, and we get along with them really well. Its just like a family!!

T: Great to hear!! So Entombed AD was formed out of the ashes of Entombed in 2014. Do you guys have a solid working unit now that Entombed AD has been around for a few years?

V: Well we were working together in Entombed long before Entombed A.D. was formed. We’ve had the same peopIe for some time. I joined with these guys in 2009 and I’m the newest guy, and Nico has been with us for like 17 years now or something, Olle for about 12, so yeah.

T: So from Entombed’s early days the band had more of an early death metal sound, then later on with Wolverine Blues and even now as Entombed AD, Entombed is known for a more signature sound that some describe as “death n' roll”, or death metal mixed with elements of rock n roll. Is there any kind of formula you guys follow in relation to the older material?Is there any formula you guys work with or maintain to keep that sound?

V: Well yeah, it is a bit both. I was a big Entombed fan before I joined the band, so I have my idea of what I think Entombed sounds like, or Entombed A.D for that matter, as well as the things I dislike, so I try to push towards the things I like. I think everyone has their idea of how the band sounds and has sounded and what they like or dislike. Its kind of a mix of some old luggage we should keep carrying, but at the same time, be creative and do what we like. But we’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re doing Swedish death metal. My impression is that as long as it’s us doing it, its going to sound like us, and we don’t have to overthink it.

T: That’s great. Now you guys have had a busy past few days, that I know for sure. Do you guys have a busy summer ahead of you in the coming months? Do you have many dates ahead or anything like that?

V: Oh yeah, definitely! Like last year we did about 152 dates, this year will be a bit less, but it’s festivals every week in the summer, and we have a tour in South America this fall, so everything is quite busy!!

T: Great to hear you guys are keeping busy. You all sounded great out there today, adding some much-needed heaviness to today’s lineup

V: Thank you!!

T: It was nice to come over and just listen to some death metal for a bit, with the variety of music they have playing this festival

V: I appreciate it!!

T: Anyways Victor, best of luck on the rest of your trip and on tour this year. This Tony Rachtman, here with Victor Brandt of Entombed A.D. here at Montebello Rockfest in Quebec.

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