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Industrial power from the city of angels - 3 TEETH in Toronto

Review by: Tony Rachtman
Photos by: Nessa 

Its Mid-July here in Toronto, and a heavy weekend complete with shows from Iron Maiden and Metallica could not ask for a more perfect band to kick off the hearing damage to. Enter 3Teeth, the LA-based industrial/metal group that is quickly catching on as the next logical step for heavy music. In an era where the rigid boundaries of genre are continuously fading, we find a band like 3Teeth, quickly climbing their way up the ladder of notoriety despite only being formed in 2013. With recent opening gigs for such juggernauts as Tool and Rammstein, one cannot help but imagine what the future holds for 3Teeth’s new and exciting brand of musical violence. 

Opening Acts were Hot Lips, a local Toronto rock/electronic 3-piece, followed by Second Pass, another local Toronto band with a classic heavy metal sound. 

While the crowd was a few hundred strong, there was no question that 3Teeth plays as if they are in front of a packed arena, with the volume and energy to match. With the recent release of their newest album, <shutdown.exe> the group continues the guitar-heavy industrial sound that they started with on their self-titled debut back in 2014. Theirs is truly a sound that has been lacking in the heavy music scene, with only a handful of groups like Ministry, Fear Factory, Rammstein, and Nine Inch Nails really ever exploring the excellent combination of distorted metal guitar with dark bass-driven synths. 

Lead vocalist Alexis Mincolla, complete with his Magpul-decorated mic-stand, leaves nothing to the imagination that this music is weaponized and ready to be unleashed on a world of uncertainty. Necks were taking an absolute thrashing all night, as fan favorites like Dissolve and Atrophy moved the crowd into a sweaty frenzy. Newer tracks like Pit of Fire were received every bit as well, and while the show was relatively small in general terms, there was little doubt that something special was happening. Those in the crowd knew they were witnessing something bigger than what they saw that night, the start of a new kind of heavy music that the scene is hungry and waiting for. 3Teeth is not a show to be missed, whether they are playing in an arena with legends of a similar breed, or simply down the street at your local club. Their impact will be felt in the years to come, and there are few other bands in music that are worth keeping an eye on as much as 3Teeth.

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