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Wolf Hoffman [ACCEPT]: "I'd Like To Be Remembered Like The Gate Opener To The Platform Of Heavy Metal"

Interview: Oscar Pazsoldán/Nessa Ej

Few days before the release of their new studio album, two days to be precise, we contacted the German guitarist and leader of Accept, Wolf Hoffmann, who offered us a clear and detailed view on this unpublished material, besides the history of the band through more than three decades and other info that we're sure you'll love to read.

1.- With The Rise of Chaos you've tried to express the everyday violence of the world, either related to the recent terrorist attacks or to the political events regarding discrimination and hatred. Is the band looking forward to create consciousness about this reality?

Wolf Hoffmann: Absolutely... 100% but I would not only limit that to a political  and/or ideological Chaos. I connect the dots with nature’s disaster and for me - if you kill nature, you kill everything - including life as we know it. There can’t be one without the other - a very easy to understand concept and yet - human kind acts as if they don’t know nothing about it.

2.- Still talking about this album, how has integrating the Lulis and William's work and sound to the band?

Wolf Hoffmann: In many aspects yes and in many no. Peter and I are the core of everything in Accept - has always been and always will. And everybody who knows this, knows as well, that conceptually and musically there will never be any changes. We found what WE have been looking for and that is that and obviously the reason, that you know what you get with Accept. We tried that in the early 90’s and it did not work for us. The opposite - it shocked us to the core and we will never let anything change that. Let me clearly state, that this has nothing to do with the talent of the other musicians we have worked with and work with. They might be 10 times better than Peter and I are, but for Accept there is no other combination. Please remember, we had a 3rd man in earlier times - Stephan Kaufmann - and when our worlds parted - we moved on and he moved on. But certain things did not move on… they are here to stay.

3.- This is your 15th studio record...to this date, which one do you think has been the one that has defined or set a before and after in the band's sound?

Wolf Hoffmann: Opinions differ - "Restless & Wild" may be - or "Balls To The Wall". It is a combination of many things and circumstances that gives a band a certain sound and I am not sure if it is one thing you can put our finger on. Peter and I have a certain basic sound because of the way we play and I believe that has been the rock we stand on. The rest was trial & error... today it is neither... we got it nailed and do not worry about it since decades.    

4.- After the split that occurred along with the release of "Predator"  in 1996, you thought on leaving the stages. What made you think otherwise and get back to the activities of the band?

Wolf Hoffmann: Nothing - we lived different lives and everything was carved in stone - we thought!  The combination of totally insane & unbelievable  circumstances,  spur of a moment, brought that to us. Meeting Mark Tornillo  was one of them! Everything else - is pure fantasy of others who have no idea...what happened in 2010.  It was circumstantially, unexpected, unplanned and had very little reality to begin with - to be more than a one-time appearance. The Metal Gods had different plans for us and 7 years later, we are on the roll, faster and bigger than we ever were. We are in metal heaven! And a few days before our latest release "The Rise Of Chaos"... our hearts want to jump out of our bodies. But - since we have metal hearts... We will survive

5.- As leader and founder of Accept, how do you feel about composing music and being on tour after 30 years?
Wolf Hoffmann: Peter and I are in it together - 40 years and we are very proud of that. We are still creative and still devoted and we went from kids into men together through very different paths of life. And nothing changed this one thing we have:  our “togetherness” joint at the hip on stage and complementing us in songwriting. After such a long time, you have nothing but appreciation for the moment. That is front and center in our relationship.

6.- What's your opinion about the future of the metal scene? Do you have any candidates you'd say are the right successors?

Wolf Hoffmann: Not up to me to say that. I trust the fans - they will or have decided. All I would love is to be remembered as the door opener, the platform for heavy metal!  And the many musicians who are telling others and myself,  that they picked up an instrument or even a guitar is the greatest honor.   

7.- We know you'll be playing at the Wacken Open Air next August 3rd. How are things going about this special show? What can be expected from this?

Wolf Hoffmann: Are you kiddin’? Expect us to present the biggest Accept show we ever did and - may be ever will ...just kiddin’! We do 3 shows or parts - in one. First Accept - with a few songs from "The Rise Of Chaos" - than with other musicians and quite a big Orchestra from Prague - where we are today for rehearsals - and then everybody from Accept back on stage for the 3rd part - the grand finale - Accept and Orchestra.  It would be an understatement to say - we are nervous. But, we prepared like crazy for a crazy longtime. So, wish us luck! We need it - especially because the entire show will be live streamed. Dear Fans -  have mercy! We sure try to give you the best Accept Sow ever!

More of "The Rise Of Chaos":
Label: Nuclear Blast
Relased: August 4
Producer: Andy Sneap
Cover art: Gyula Havancsák

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