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Obituary, Exodus & PowerTrip at the London Music Hall

Last Sunday, September 24th, one of the heaviest lineup touring nowadays arrived to London. The venue was packed and the moshin' pits were brutal!

The openers were the crossover - thrash metal band from Texas, Power Trip, who have recently played along with Anthrax and Lamb of God. Their fame is rising fast since their latest album release "Nightmare Logic".

Later on, Exodus got on the stage, starting with The Ballad of Leonard and Charles. The guitar duos of Gary Holt and Lee Altus raged and Retro, as expected, made the fans go wild. The powerful setlist went as follows:

The Ballad of Leonard and Charles Blood In, Blood Out - Iconoclasm - And Then There Were None - Deranged - Fabulous Disaster - A Lesson in Violence - Blacklist - War Is My Shepherd - Bonded by Blood - The Toxic Waltz - Strike of the Beast

Finally, the death metal gods from Florida, Obituary. With a heavy history that surpasses the three decades, they provided the London crowd with a show of sheer brutality.

Redneck Stomp - Brave-Sentence Day - Chopped in Half - Turned Inside Out - Visions in My Head - Turned to Stone - A Lesson in Vengeance - Straight to Hell - Find The Arise -Dying - No - 'Til Death - Don't Care - Slowly We Rot

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