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Review by: Tony Rachtman / Photos by: Nessa EJ

After another long and punishing Canadian winter, the summer concert circuit in the Great White North has been heating up and is off to a roaring start for the summer of 2018. 

Brujeria has embarked on an exclusive 12-date trek after an almost endless tour absence north of the border, and Jump Metal was there at the Toronto show to witness the mayhem and violence that ensued. 

Once the crowd warmed up with local opening acts BURDIZZO, and THE MURDER SQUAD, Arizona metallers INCITE took to the stage as the seemngly thin early crowd began to swell and fill in. 

Despite Incite's drummer Derek Lopez having issues at the border and being denied entry into Canada, the band was able to have their friend Harley from Noisem fill in for the Canadian dates. And what a show it was! Groove-laden thrashing, that called to mind sounds of Fear Factory, Pantera and Lamb of God, really started to get the hungry crowd going. Fan favorites like "Fallen', "No Remorse" and "Stagnant" got the crowd fired up with the pits roaring, leaving them ready for Dayglo Abortions, as the floor began to rapidly fill in with fans. 

Next up were Victoria BC punk legends Dayglo Abortions, whose "too metal for punk and too punk for metal" sound go perfect with pretty much any concert hall serving beer on a hot, summer, Saturday night. Their almost 40 year career was spanned with classics like "Stupid Songs", "Argh Fuck Kill", and the magnum opus of their backcatalog "Two Dogs Fucking''. The floor was getting slippery with spilled beer as almost every square inch of the front of the stage was occupied with sweaty, beer-soaked fans across the age spectrum, enjoying a good, friendly, violent time in the pit. 

Finally, Brujeria were up to headline and finish the night off with their own, Mexicana-tinged brand of grinding death. The insanely energetic Brujeria contrasted their brutality with a monk-like patience for their rabid fans getting up on stage with them, to rock out, sing along, and stage-dive into the crowd. The evening's defining moment was arguably when Brujeria broke out into one of the most classic anthems "Matando Gueros" to a thundering response from the crowd. To finish off the night, Brujeria broke out into their own personal rendition of 90s cheeseball latin dance anthem "Macarena" entitled (wait for it) "Marijuana" with the crowd winding down, at this point ready to pour into the streets, bruised, dazed, and covered in beer.

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