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Photos: Nessa EJ
Review: Tony Rachtman

After just a few short months, North America’s metal fans have showed they simply could not wait for another dose of Poland’s finest brand of extreme metal. Behemoth, arguably Poland’s most revered musical export, has made quick work of returning to North American shores, after opening for the mighty Slayer on what was, sadly, their final world tour. Behemoth, led by charismatic frontman and core mastermind Adam “Nergal” Darski, had little difficulty selling their unique style of extreme metal to sold-out arenas across North America earlier this year.

With 2018 coming to a close, on the heels of their latest release, “I Loved You At Your Darkest”, Behemoth is now venturing into once uncharted territory for a band of their genre. After selling out venues in Montreal, New York City, and Los Angeles. Behemoth rolled into Toronto, playing to a record size sold out crowd of over 1500 diehard TO metalheads at the legendary Danforth Musical Hall. The crowds keep getting bigger, Behemoth keeps sounding better, while at the same time ILYAYD continues to push Behemoth in a somewhat rock-oriented new direction, without compromising an ounce of their integrity or their fury. The new record, simply put, is Behemoth, aggressive as ever, but with even more of the incredible songwriting abilities exhibited on their previous masterpiece, “The Satanist”.

Tuesday night’s show was no exception to what fans expect Behemoth to deliver; absolute live perfection. The evening was a demonstration of how Behemoth are truly masters of the metal craft. After wisely chosen and perfectly fitting opening slots from Washington State’s Wolves In the Throne Room and Sweden’s legendary melodic death metallers At The Gates, Behemoth had opened their set, to an eerily climactic start to their show. With smoke, fire, masks, and theatrics, there is no doubt that Behemoth is a band that places pride in their live show as much as they do the crafting of their music (something that can be lacking in today’s metal scene). With new favorites like “Barzabel” and deeper, older cuts like the classic “Decade ov Therion”, Behemoth gave the fans everything they could want, and more.

Behemoth is a band that seems poised to take their sound and their live show even further, with every tour and live show earning them new fans, a more honed craft, and better songwriting. Behemoth is a mechanized titan of a machine that shows no signs of stopping their upward trajectory, destroying eardrums and conventional musical wisdom every step of the way. Nothing, not even cancer, can stop Adam Darski and his compatriots in Behemoth.

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