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A Pale Horse Named Death: Saturday Night Doom on the Outskirts

After years of waiting patiently, Canadian fans were lucky enough to learn earlier this year that doom metal masters A Pale Horse Named Death were finally making their way north of the border on their Vultures In the North 2019 tour. APHND plans to hit venues worldwide this year in support of their crushing new album, When The World Comes Undone via Long Branch Records/SPV America. 

Comprising of former Type O Negative members Sal Abruscato and Johnny Kelly, APHND hearkens back to the sound of Type O, without sounding the slightest bit contrived or derivative. This is a band that has struck the perfect balance between giving the fans of old their dose of familiar nostalgia, while also carving out their own identity and their own sound.

A somewhat small but strong and eager crowd descended on Etobicoke’s Rockpile venue, which always has great sound and allows fans to get closer to rock and metal legends than anywhere else. The North American tour features local support, and Toronto’s support came from King Catalyst, Shall Not Fall, and Rellikdog. 

After the eerie intro track from their new album “The Woods”, the bass and triple axe attack of APHND had started thundering throughout the venue. With an array of classic tracks like To Die In Your Arms and Meet The Wolf, as well as new bangers like Love The Ones You Hate and Vultures, fans quickly realized that seeing APHND live is the best way to experience their music. When one closes their eyes for just a few seconds, you can hear faint and familiar vibes very much in the vein of acts like Alice in Chains and especially Type O Negative. I would employ all fans of Type O Negative, as well as anyone who wants to take a trip back to the alternative tinged metal sound of the 90s, to go and see A Pale Horse Named Death when they make their way to your neck of the woods. Its the only way to hear them, as the recordings only do so much justice. Go out and pick up their new record, as metal has a potential sleeping giant waiting to jump in and crush audiences everywhere.

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