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Album Review: Amon Amarth - Berserker - OUT NOW!

Review by: Tony Rachtman

Ahead of a massive North American tour this Fall, Swedish metal titans Amon Amarth have graced 2019 with their 11th studio effort, Berserker. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Jay Ruston (Steel Panther, Anthrax), the bearded Swedes will continue to pummel listeners worldwide with their signature Viking sound on May 3, 2019 via Metal Blade/Sony Music.

Upon first listening, loyal fans will be happy to hear that this is tried and true Amon Amarth, made all the better with the studio debut of metronome-tight drummer Jocke Wallgren, who joined the band in 2016. While still being true to their sound, Amon Amarth seems to move their riffing focus on Berserker slightly away from their tremolo-heavy riffs on previous albums (with the pleasant exceptions being opener Fafner’s Gold and the blistering Ironside). Ever present on Berserker is a riffing sound more reminiscent of classic, thrash, and power metal. From the Maiden-esque gallops of Raven’s Flight, to the Priest-like chugs of Mjolner, Hammer of Thor, Amon Amarth keeps their sound fresh while still being 100% true to their craft. Nothing about Berserker sounds stagnant or recycled. Whether it is the addition of the new troop behind the drums, or the healthy length of time between records, Amon Amarth seems poised to continue their ascent towards the outskirts of the mainstream. See them on tour this fall in North America with Arch Enemy, At The Gates, and Grand Magus.

Tony Rachtman’s Review: 7.5/10

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